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Work Package 4 - Lung function decline



  1. To identify and validate the causal role of plausible and novel risk factors for lung function decline within existing population based cohorts with prolonged periods of follow-up, taking into account changes in exposure over time (link with ALEC objective 1 and 4).

  2. To strengthen causal inference of the role of these risk factors  by integrating biomarker and genetic information, using structural equation modelling as well as Mendelian randomisation.(link with main objective 3)

  3. To describe the association of  lung function decline with the development of respiratory disability within these population based cohorts (link with main objective 1)

  4. To integrate information with other work packages

a) assess role of transgenerational, preconception and early life risk factors identified in WP2 and WP3 on lung function decline

b) integrate findings from WP5 into risk models as they arise

c) suggest pathways for mechanistic investigation in WP5

d) identify risk factors and appropriate exposure metrics for integration in predictive risk score WP6

5.   To integrate and summarise findings into a conceptual model for lung function decline in adults 

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