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ALEC at the RMIT Futures Conference in Melbourne

Professor Shyamali Dharmage, one of the ALEC chief investigators, was invited to present ALEC at the RMIT Futures Conference 2017: Research Requires Collaboration.

The conference brought together Australian policymakers, leaders in regional and Australian business, academics and pioneering entrepreneurs for a frank debate about the prerequisites to sustain high quality research and innovation in Australia and the collaboration within H2020.

Professor Dharmage’s well-received presentation focused on how she has developed European collaborations over many decades, including with the ALEC Principal Investigator Professor Debbie Jarvis, and how ALEC was successful in getting funded by H2020. She also spoke about two unsuccessful H2020 applications that she was involved with in the past and reflected on why she thinks the ALEC was successful. Her story was acknowledged as a great case study on how Australian researchers developed effective partnerships, which then led to a successful collaboration that received H2020 funding.

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